Как Поиметь Невесту 3

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Как Поиметь Невесту 3
Оригинальное название:

Here cum the brides 3

Страна: США
Продолжительность: 01:44:01
Перевод: Отсутствует
Режиссер: Bobby Rinaldi
It's wedding time again - high time to get closely acquainted with the bride and to check if she's any good for a wife, the homestead and the bed. These candidates pass the test at the last minute. If not always getting tested by the groom himself. There's the wedding-singer for instance, who fails miserably at the singing but passes the erection-test by the slutty bride with flying colours. Or the bridesmaid who's quite sad because she thinks she'll not see as much of the newlyweds as she used to. But she's so wrong! To make sure marital boredom doesn't even get a chance, the bride immediately invites the astonished girlfriend to join them for a merry threesome. Then there's the chick who only married because of the money; she gets taught that she no longer is the one in command by a rough little number with her new husband and his pal. If needs be with some slaps to her naked ass too.
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