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Моя Сестра Шлюха / Ma Soeur Est Une Putain

Моя Сестра Шлюха / Ma Soeur Est Une Putain

+189 рейтинг
Год выхода: 2016
Страна: France
Режиссер: Liselle Bailey
Студия: Marc Dorcel
Жанр: Feature
Продолжительность: 01:33:51

В ролях: Jessie Volt, Mia Malkova, Alessa Savage, Juan Lucho, Luke Hardy, Tony De Sergio, Adrian Dimas, Billy King, Miguel Zayas, Chad Rockwell
Jessie, that pretty blonde girl eagerly waiting for her american pen pal is my sister. In front of our parents, she is the sweetest girl ever. But once they're gone, she turns into the sluttiest you could meet. Her piano teacher is one of her numerous partners. All my sister is interested in is seducing men.. all men. Even when we go to diner with our parents, she finds a way to seduce the waiter and suck his dick in the restaurant"s kitchen before being fucked in the ass by the man at the table next to us. Whether with her college friends or with older, more experienced men, Jessie is a true nymphomaniac who is always ready to jump on all the dicks around. I even heard she fucked three men in her bedroom while my parents were away. Luckily, Mia, her American friend seems to be a bit more quiet and shy. At least, that's what I thought until I learnt that Jessie had taken her to a private orgy. Eventually, Mia is as slutty as my sister. I saw that when she caught me filming my sister durong one of her sex romps. I hope Mia will come back next summer because we still have a lot to do together.

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